Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.60, No.1 (1999)

Research paper

Combustion aspects of the consolidated mixtures of boron and potassium perchlorate at cryogenic temperatures(*in Japanese)
Kazuo Hasue, Makoto Matukawa, and Hisayuki Tamura


This investigation deals with the fundamental combustion features of the consolidated mixtures of boron and potassium perchlorate. The burning rate, temperature sensitivity, and heat of reaction were obtained. The initial temperatures tested were 77 K(boiling point of liquid nitrogen), 195 K(sublimation point of dry ice), and 293 K(room temperature).
The consolidated mixtures ignited even at 77 K and 0.04 MPa then burned uninterruptedly. The relationship between burning rate and pressure under different initial temperatures obeyed Vieille's Law. The temperature sensitivities of the burning rate were in the range of 1.5-4.5×10-3K-1, same as those of the ordinary propellants. The burning rate reached maximum near 35 wt% of boron at 3 MPa.
The chemical equilibrium calculations for the combustion of the tested mixtures were carried out by means of STANJAN. The calculations were conducted at constant volume, modeling the situation in the calorimeter bomb and adiabatic flame temperature, heat of reaction, and combustion products were obtained. The main combustion products at 298 K were predicted as B, B2O3, and KCL. They were confirmed by means of X - ray diffraction analysis.

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