Science and Technology of Energetic Materials

Vol.60, No.1 (1999)

Research paper

Combustion aspects of the consolidated mixtures of 5 - amino - 1H - tetrazole and potassium perchlorate(*in Japanese)
Kazuo Hasue, Takanori Akanuma, Harunori Hodai, and Shingo Date


This paper describes the - study concerning fundamental combustion features of the mixtures of 5 - Amino - 1H - tetrazole (HAT) and potassium perchlorate. Tetrazoles have been studied as a replacement for sodium azide and HAT, a typical tetrazole, is chosen in this study because it is readily available. The HAT / potassium perchlorate mixture was consolidated to form test strands. An optical strand burner was used to measure the burning rate of the strands. The maximum burning rate for HAT / KClO4 at 5 MPa was about 32 mm / s when the HAT concentration was, 46 wt% which is an excess amount of fuel. The extinction pressure increased as the concentration of HAT increased. The gaseous products of the combustions were analyzed by a gas chromatograph and the main products were CO2, CO, and N2. The heat of reaction of HAT / KClO4 reached a maximum when the HAT concentration was approximately
42 wt%.

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