Organized by Japan Explosives Society

The 6th International Symposium on
Energetic Materials and their Applications

6-10 November, 2017, Tohoku University, Sendai, JAPAN


Q. What is the official language of ISEM?

A. The official language will be English.


Q. What is the dress-code?

A. During the conference days, smart casual attire is preferred. For the Gala dinner smart casual attire is recommended. 


Q. What is the climate usually like for this time of year?

A. It is the beginning of winter in November, and Sendai begins to experience a dramatic transformation as the changing of the seasons brings with it an innate beauty of colours. Temperatures in November drop to a low of 8°C (46°F).


Q. Are hotel transfers available?

A. There are many hotels within walking distance to the conference venue. Therefore transfers to or from hotels will not be provided. 


Q. Accommodation reservations?

A.We are now preparing the information about hotels.
However, you can search hotels at JTB web site: JAPANiCAN
Please input "Sendai" in the keyword input column.
If you reserve a hotel, we recommend a hotel near the Sendai station.


Q. Will there be internet access at the symposium?

A.Wireless internet access will be provided free of charge for all participants at Sakura Hall during the symposium.
In the downtown area, you can search Wi-Fi spots on the web & free application for the visitor to Sendai "Spendig Time Sendai".


Q. Can I print my poster at the conference venue for the poster presentation?

A.You CANNOT print your poster at the conference venue, so please print the poster out before the conference by yourself.


Q. What is the poster presentation size?

A.The poster board size is 1700 mm high by 1000 mm wide portrait (67 inches x 40 inches).
Your poster is not required to be any particular size, shape, or style, but cannot exceed the size of the board.
Push pins will be provided for your poster.