Japan Explosives Society 2021

The 7th International Symposium on
Energetic Materials and their Applications

16-18 November, 2021, Virtual Symposium, Tokyo, JAPAN

Invited Speakers

Alice Atwood

Denes V. Agoston, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Uniformed Services University, USA.

"When physics meets biology; explosive blast induced traumatic brain injury"

Ibolja Cernak

Mitsuru Arai, Ph.D., Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan.

"Recent topics in scientific study on fireworks"

Sang-Ho Cho

Kaiwen Xia, Ph.D., Professor, University of Toronto, Canada.

"Quantification of dynamic fracture properties of rocks subjected to confinements"

Dr. Wim P.C

Thomas M. Klapƶtke, Ph.D., Professor, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany.

"TKX-50: A New high explosive developed at LMU Munich"

Mitsuo Koshi

Alexander Vorozhtsov, Ph.D., Professor, Tomsk State University, Russia.

"Decision of antibacterial and antiviral problems based on the experience of nanotechnologies application for HEMs"